This blog is authored by the Education Team of CMC Markets Asia Pacific Pty Ltd (‘CMC Markets’) AFSL 238054.

CMC Markets is a financial services organisation that issues various financial products. More information on CMC Markets and its products and services can be found at cmcmarkets.com.au.

The authors of this blog do not endorse or vouch for the accuracy or authenticity of postings.

No-one is permitted to make postings as a licensed investment adviser, or as a representative of a licensed adviser.

Postings are at best general information, not professional investment advice taking into account any individual circumstances and needs of particular investors. Therefore, before acting on the basis of what is said in a posting, you should:

(i) consider consulting a licensed adviser (ASIC’s website at www.asic.gov.au has a list of licensed advisers); and

(ii) visit ASIC’s consumer website at www.fido.gov.au for general guidance about investing.

People making postings are individually responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of their postings.

Because of the nature of the internet, it may be hard to identify or locate the person making a posting. The person may also be in an overseas jurisdiction, so it may be hard to take any legal action against them.

You will have no access to ASIC-approved dispute resolution schemes to recover any losses you may suffer by relying on the postings. Securities cannot be offered to you for sale or issue through postings on this blog.

It is advisable that you alert the Education Team at CMC Markets (education@cmcmarkets.com) or the ASIC Infoline on 1300 300 630 if you have good reason to suspect that any postings are inaccurate, are based on inside information or are likely to mislead or deceive people who view or use the postings.

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