Five Minutes a Day Trading – Can’t Lose – Feb 27

A succesful trade overnight puts the strategy back into profit. With only one trade to go, the strategy will make money for the month – either a gain of 10 index points, or a gain of 56 points. Its been a real test of trading character, with four of the five profitable days so far falling in the second half of the month. However, traders who stuck with the strategy are now in a “no lose” situation.

Here’s the prices from last night:

20120228 dax prices

And the results with one day to go:

20130228 results

You can read more about the Five Minutes a Day Trading strategy here:

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6 Responses to Five Minutes a Day Trading – Can’t Lose – Feb 27

  1. James says:

    Hi Michael,
    Using the CMC platform, at 7.14 pm trying to place both orders, there can be movements of 5-10pips in the space of a minute. Do you have any tips or advice as to how more efficiently place the trade just on 7.15 with an accurate entry price for both the buy and sell order? I have been experimenting with the 5madt strategy since 19th feb and so far net pip profit of 61!

    • Hi James – glad to read you’re outperforming the already profitable strategy! The reference price is the open of the 715 candle. The one minute chart from last night reflects exactly what you’re saying. Traders may respond to this situation by implementing a market order if one of the entry levels is hit – saving the need to create two stop entry orders.

  2. Angelo says:

    Can you also show results including slippage & commissions?

    • Hi Angelo – there are no commissions on DAX trading on the CMC platform. Slippage can differ between traders depending on trade size and timing of orders. Bear in mind there should be no slippage on limit orders, only stop orders, and you can control maximum slippage using the order boundaries feature. However, this is why I’ve called plus ten points a break even proposition – in recognition of the fact that traders are likely to see some slippage.

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