AUD/USD – Quick and Dirty

Traders often use a higher timeframe chart on a currency pair (daily or weekly) to determine overall trend, and a shorter timeframe (hourly, 5 minute) for entry and exits of trend based trades. For mine, both charts and fundamentals have turned bullish AUD/USD – and the hourly chart is signalling……..

First, here’s the daily chart:


For mine, the downtrend is broken. This lines up nicely with what I see as a fundamental shift. The oversold situation in USD is easing, allowing further USD falls (ie AUD/USD up). And a modest improvement in jobs in Australia reported yesterday cracks the down trend in jobs data locally.

So, where to enter?

AUD/USD Hourly

The three candle pattern on the right is close to a “morning star”, and has the important characteristics – a fall, an indecision candle (doji), and then a rise. This gives me an entry signal and levels for the following:

Buy AUD/USD at current market above 1.0265, stop loss below 1.0248

1.0265 is the high of the fall candle, 1.0248 is the low of the indecision candle.

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4 Responses to AUD/USD – Quick and Dirty

  1. Desmond says:

    Hi Michael, it is currently within a triangle formation and perhaps may be better to enter on the break to the upside, say 1.0276?

  2. Desmond says:

    I see the triangle on the the Hourly chart.
    It has since made a nice strong move up!

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