10 of the best – instruments used by our most profitable traders

As part of our efforts to help our readers understand the habits of successful traders we are putting together a weekly post showing the products that are being traded by 10 most profitable clients of CMC Markets in Australia and New Zealand in the prior week. You can see that these clients have been trading across an array of asset classes from around the planet. Following is the list by instrument category and in order of most to least profitable:

Foreign Exchange







Man Group PLC (UK)

Kingsgate Consolidated Ltd (Aus)

Aviva PLC (UK)

Societe Generale SA (Fra)

TJX Cos Inc (US)

Newcrest Mining (Aus)


T – Note 10 Year

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12 Responses to 10 of the best – instruments used by our most profitable traders

  1. jacek says:

    wow!.. would love to know how EURCHF made the list with it’s average daily range of only 10pips…

    • David Land says:

      It’s a very good pickup that you made given the range is not large on the pair at all. Of the group it was the least profitable – keep in mind these are the products used by the top 10 most profitable clients – not the most profitable products.

  2. Barry Seeger says:

    People are making money trading the eurchf??? How do they do that, when it barely moves from 1.2000?

    • David Land says:

      Good morning – I made some comments about this issue to another post. I suspect that trading of this pair could be done using a limit entry strategy to try and jump in when the rate makes an incursion outside of its normal tight range.

      Keep in mind that these are a list of instruments used by the most profitable traders. All of the instruments shown have yielded positive returns over the week in any case though.

  3. Thanks for the list of the best resourceful instruments by which we can trade in the stock market.

  4. jacek says:

    thanks for your response David.. btw could you please clarify what’s the criteria for a trader’s instrument to get on this list..

    • David Land says:

      Hi there – they need to be one of the top 10 most profitable clients within the ANZ region – then I am listing all of the profitable trading instruments that this group uses. So it doesnt mean that every instrument is necessarily hugely profitable but you know that they have all moved in positive territory.

  5. jacek says:

    David.. could you also please explain a 10pip spikes in eurchf on tracker platform like the ones at 7am and 8am this morning.. is that the inefficiency that eurchf trader exploits?:-)

    • David Land says:

      I am not entirely sure as to the reason why the spikes occur – suffice to say there is clearly some large money moving about. I would suggest that using limit entries set near the extremes that some of the particularly big spikes is what traders would be looking to so. As you would imagine it will be a combination of timing and patience.

  6. jacek says:

    David.. the other thing I don’t understand is your spread on this eurchf pair which is a massive 3pips on average.. so it’s beyond me how can anyone be making any money here but you?:-)

    • David Land says:

      I think the spread thats being offered there is pretty much industry standard now. I would think that any widening in spread on this pair will be down to the relative drop in liquidity that has come about now that the SNB is pegging the currency. Per your previous post though you are right in saying that to do much in this pair the trader would need to get themselves set at an extreme level relative to the normal trading range in order to be profitable on this sort of trade. Unless of course they were joining the traders wondering if/when the SNB will buckle under the strain.

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