5 Minute Trading – On a Roll – Aug 21

Another success. Five successes in the last six trading days. This puts the strategy in a great position – the maximum possible loss for the month is now just 15 pips. Maximum possible win? Current profit of 90 pips plus 9 x 45 is 495 pips! While I’m not expecting either of those outlier results, it illustrates the the excellent risk to reward position of a trader following this strategy for the month of August.

Today’s levels:

The results so far:

You can read more abot the “Five Minutes a Day Trading” strategy here:


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12 Responses to 5 Minute Trading – On a Roll – Aug 21

  1. Desmond says:

    Thank you Michael for a great simple strategy. I was holding my comments back earlier hoping not to jinx the plan but yes, even though the 1st 8 losses really tested my faith, it does prove that trading well is really a numbers game and a long term outlook must be held.

    • michaelmccarthycmc says:

      Hi Desmond – thanks for your comments and consideration. Its a key point that the CMC Education team makes at every opportunity – most successful traders have a plan – and stick to it

  2. leo says:

    placed an order and test, cheers

  3. Mike Andrews says:

    This looks to be an excellent strategy for not having to spend hours looking at charts and keeping life simple. I will be following with great interest. Do you intend to keep it going beyond August?

  4. leo says:

    the sell 1.2388 is triggered and failed

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