5 Minute Trading – Rolling Wins – Aug 15

After a disheartening start, the strategy delivered a trading profit for the second day in a row, illustrating the importance of sticking with it and trading every day. Despite 8 losses and 2 profits, the higher win/loss ratio (3:1) means overall the loss so far is just 30 pips. Another trading success tonight would put the strategy back into profit.

Here are today’s levels:

The dramatic turn around in the strategy’s profit and loss is illustrated in the cumulative result:

You can read more about the “Five Minutes a Day Trading” strategy here:


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4 Responses to 5 Minute Trading – Rolling Wins – Aug 15

  1. jacek says:

    Hi Michael, strictly speaking I don’t think 1.3385 sell triggered for everyone at 17:30 it depended on their spread… eg. tracker buy/sell spread at that time was 1.33848/1.33859..

    • michaelmccarthycmc says:

      Hi Jacek – the bid on Tracker touched a high at 1.23855 – you can confirm this by looking at the “sell” chart. A mere half pip, but enough to set any sell orders at 1.2385. As you’re probably already aware, the back-end of Tracker is much more automated than Market Maker, meaning we can offer lower spreads. Proabably a good argument for switching to Tracker where possible.

  2. jacek says:

    Regardless.. this experiment is clearly showing various pitfalls trader has to face with such approach like dirty stopouts, near miss-fills, prolonged losses etc.. anyway a good lesson!

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