Trading Snapshot and Potential Trades – June 9

Good morning,

Below are today’s snapshot and potential trades.

If you prefer to view this as a PDF then please click on the link.

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5 Responses to Trading Snapshot and Potential Trades – June 9

  1. Barry Seeger says:

    I enjoy most of the email messages I receive from CMC Markets, but the daily Trading Snapshot and Potential Trades is just not up to the standard of the other messages. I find it quite useless.

    • michaelmccarthycmc says:

      Thanks for your feedback Barry. The idea of the daily snapshot is to save traders’ time by providing a one page summary of important market action and highlight potential trades found by running scans over more than 400 securities. Clearly, its not for everyone….
      All the best, Michael

  2. Barry Seeger says:

    Thanks for your reply Michael, I’m all for saving time and being shown potential trades. Do we think the report in its current format meets that goal?

    My view: the Overnight section doesn’t, and it shows BHP and RIO every day, but no others, and in the Today section, the Calendar is very selective, and only the Outside the Bands and Trend Change sections give potential trades, but with no assessment of those trades. That is useful, I agree, but amongst a lot of stuff that is not useful for a trader, and the whole thing looks like a poor quality photocopy. Could do better, imho.

  3. Barry Seeger says:

    I’m interested in seeing good trade ideas on any stocks, commodities, forex pairs, indices, or anything really, especially when an entry level, TP and SL are given, along with a track record, so I can assess whether I should follow the ideas.

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