Microsoft approaching potential Gartley cluster zone

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one of the setups that my colleague Ric Spooner specialises in is the Gartley cluster. Unusually today it was me who actually spotted this setup so am writing it up. I won’t go into huge detail about how this setup works because there are loads of them previously done within the blog for you to take a look at. One point that I must make though is that these clusters are not resistance levels meaning that the standard approach is to wait for price to respect the level (i.e. form a peak) and then take the trade.

If you take a short trade after the peak has been formed then your stop would typically be placed above the peak/above the cluster level. The initial price target would be set at around $25.

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1 Response to Microsoft approaching potential Gartley cluster zone

  1. daveold says:

    Looks like a wave 4 forming so once finished can project several potential levels for wave 5 down. These gartley patterns (I call them ABC’s) are by far my favourite trading patterns across all instruments.

    You guys do a fantastic job on the education front and sorry I don’t make more frequent comments, time always a premium. Keep up the good work, I am sure many appreciate what you are providing or if they don’t they know not what they are missing.


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